Lettre pour mes amis

Cher amis, Dans la sphère de notre monde aujourd’hui, nous cherchons notre chemin à travers la nuit. Ce n’est pas toujours évident vu du fait que nous avons été éduqué d’une certaine façon et que le monde aujourd’hui nous démontre une réalité autre que celle à laquelle nous nous attendions. Tout semble confus dans le […]

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9 reasons why I love Douala

  Last month, I went for a little trip to Douala to see my friends and family. My trip was awesome, I had a great time over there 😊. For those who do not know, Douala is the economic capital of Cameroon about 230 km away from Yaounde, the political capital where I live. I […]

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Two Thousand and Eighteen.

  How to plan your 2018? Hello peeps! What’s up? It’s been a while I wrote an article (no inspiration lately). I am coming back with the tools I use to organize my life since 2015. Most people ask me how I do to always keep a smile, some people say it’s like I have no […]

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A man as I love

  As a young woman, I know the importance of having a man by my side, but not any kind of man. Keep on reading to discover the type of man I fall for. MUSCULINE ENERGY My man should have very pronouce masculine energy. Masculine energy goes beyond the physical (even though the physical is […]

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Slavery Continues….

  If you grew up in Africa like me you will probably know about this little girl who has poor parents, she is sent to town to her relative who can provide her with education, feeding and health (basic neccesities). Arriving in her relative’s house, she is assigned to do all the house chores, take […]

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